DDS VFO Synthesizer 0..30 MHz, 9 bands
DDS VFO Synthesizer 0..30 MHz, 9 bands
DDS VFO Synthesizer 0..30 MHz, 9 bands
DDS VFO Synthesizer 0..30 MHz, 9 bands
DDS VFO Synthesizer 0..30 MHz, 9 bands

DDS VFO Synthesizer 0..30 MHz, 9 bands

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- Digital si5351-based VFO synthesizer + LCD Nokia 5110 (9 bands support). 
- The device is universal and compatible with most of modern transceivers. We tested and use it with TRX "KLOPIK", "DRUZHBA-M", "ROSA", "DESNA", AMATOR and other transceivers
- English manual


Technical description:

·         Two VFOs (Standard A/B arrangement) operating from 1 – 30MHz

·         Rotary encoder tuning

·         Selectable tuning steps – 5Hz, 50Hz, 100Hz, 1kHz, 10kHz, 100 KHZ, 1 MHz

·         VFO swap (A/B) and VFO memory (A=B) functions supported

·         Simultaneous VFO and BFO/CIO oscillator outputs

·         Selectable BFO/CIO offsets for USB, LSB and CW modes

·         Receiver Incremental Tuning (RIT) with separate always-available RIT adjustment

·         LCD display of VFO status – VFO frequencies (to 1Hz), RIT on/off, Transmit, VFO Lock

·         S-meter display function 

·         VFO lock function – to prevent unwanted frequency shift due to vibration or knocks

·         Band up/down selection – 9 bands

·         Programmable start-up frequencies for both VFOs for all 9 bands

·         Memories for each band (VFO A and VFO B)

·         Nine bands currently supported – 160, 80, 40, 30, 20, 17, 15, 12 and 10m

·         4-bit BCD BPF/LPF select outputs – 9 bands supported

·         Atmel Atmega328P-PU processor using the internal 8MHz clock

·         Nokia 5110 graphics display – 84 x 48 pixels

·         Programmable si5351a reference crystal offset frequency

·         Low current – Less than 40mA at 3.3V including any LCD backlighting

·         Input voltage - 5..12V; the voltage regulator 2950CT33 --> +3.3V


Added menu "custom settings and calibration".
In the new firmware version through the menu user can change the following settings:
- the value of IF (+IF, -If, IF=0): 
- change the frequency reference generator or power down the output CLK1
- supports "Reverse TX" function
- Accurate calibration of the synthesizer 
- Self-adjustment of the starting band and frequency when you turn on the synthesizer


All functioning changes (BFO, IF offset, language, Calibration values, etc) are modified thru built-in menu. 

 *note: Si5351 is already soldered on PCB.



- Synthesizer has 4-bit output for band switch

- Decoder gets the 4-bit signal from synthesizer and apply +9..12V to nine outputs that are going to bandpass and lowpass filter for physical switch of the band. 

 Both units are easy for assembly. No need adjusting. Needs to be fine calibrating by using of frequency meter. Inaccuracy of assembled device is +-5-10Hz, that is not critical if have no frequency meter for fine calibration. The calibration is easy thru built-in menu.


Built-in menu:

1. Start frequency 

2. IF offset (+IF, -IF, IF=0)

3. BFO reference oscillator

5. Calibration

5. TX Reverse function

6. language: English


Package include:

1. PCB of synthesizer with built-in si5351

2. Encoder

4. Potentiometer 10K for RIT

5. Nokia screen 5110

6. All elements necessary for assembly


We offered Soldering Project Kit or  Completed device.