New Synthesizer is coming...

The universal frequency synthesizer with static indication RUStatic-6A is designed to work with the Druzhba-M transceiver, but in fact it is also universal for other amateur radio designs from receiver to transceiver. A distinctive feature of this synthesizer is a simple, affordable and easy-to-use 7-segment indicator. This indication has proven itself in many designs around the world. On the screen - only the frequency! The eye does not get tired of the insane amount of information, unlike the large modern displays of transceivers!

We chose a high-performance Atmel processor, an Si5351 generator chip (already proven in amateur radio), as well as an indication control system using 74HC595 microcircuits, as the main components of the synthesizer, which makes the synthesizer low-noise.




  • The frequency generator is organized on the Si5351a chip
  • Two outputs: main and reference oscillator from 1 to 99 MHz
  • Controlled by encoder and buttons
  • Ability to change the tuning step 100Hz/1KHz
  • Keyboard of 12 buttons for manual entry of frequency and change of synthesizer settings
  • Joystick buttons (left-right-up-down-“OK”) for more convenient control of the synthesizer.
  • Switching control of RF amplifier (PRE), ATT, AGC and CW (output - 12V). Switching indication LED (above the main indicator)
  • Supported bands - 160, 80, 40, 30, 20, 17, 15, 12 and 10 meters



  • RIT mode up to 2.5 kHz.
  • 4-bit output for switching ranges for BPF-9, BPF-6 bandpass filter boards, as well as LPF-2 filters
  • Built-in menu for setting the intermediate frequency (IF), the frequency of the reference oscillator and fine-tuning the quartz
  • Automatic IF operation: up to 10.5 MHz we add “+ IF”, above the frequency of 10.5 MHz we subtract “-IF” accordingly
  • High performance Atmel ATMEGA168A processor
  • LED static indication (6 digits) controlled by 74HC595
  • Consumption - up to 200 mA (with optical encoder)
  • Power supply 12V.


Look the listing here: Universal frequency synthesizer with static indication RUStatic-6A – RV3YF Amateur Radio Store