New MIRAMI Compact v3.1

Here we go. New Synth. 


full description is here on link:Синтезатор_Miramil_VFO_5351_3.1_English.pdf


  • Two outputs: main and reference oscillator from 1 to 160 MHz
  • Control is performed by the encoder and buttons
  • The ability to change the frequency tuning step – 50Hz, 500Hz, 1kHz, 50kHz and 1 MHz
  • Sideband modes and switching between them USB, LSB, CW and AUTO
  • UHF, ATT, AGC function control
  • Input and outputs of reception/ transmission/tone modes
  • The presence of RIT mode using a variable resistor
  • Built-in S-meter
  • Supported programmed bands – 160, 80, 40, 30, 20, 17, 15, 12 and 10 meters
  • 4-bit band switching output for our BPF-9, BPF-6, LPF-2 and BPF boards on FST3253 chips
  • Built-in menu for setting the IF, the frequency of the reference generator and accurate quartz calibration
  • IF operation mode: +IF, -IF, IF-and automatic mode (add up to 10 MHz, subtract after 10 MHz)
  • High-performance Atmel atmega168A processor
  • Ultra contrast display 16*02 with blue backlight. The letters are beautiful, white. 😊
  • The frequency generator is organized on the Si5351a chip
  • Low consumption –45-50mA
  • · Power supply 7..12V.

Synthesizer can be used as a local oscillator (VFO) and reference generator (BFO) in the Amateur radio receiving and transmitting structures with a single frequency conversion, and as a local oscillator (VFO) in the construction of direct frequency conversion