Dear radio amateurs! Unfortunately, the shopify platform (on which our site is installed) has decided to stop support for sites from Russia. Moreover, this platform has the audacity to continue charging rental payments for using the platform, but due to restrictions of Visa&Mastercard we are not able to pay... amazing... This means that this site would be blocked soon and we have to move to another platform without such restrictions. First time it would work as information site while payments would be enabled. We would like to say Thank you to "Shopify platform" for their support!

All current orders have been sent, track numbers are in your mail. For any questions (shipping delay, difficulties with building of kits and etc...), please contact us directly at or whatsapp +79269911911. We will promptly answer any questions. Our website in Russia continues to work normally. If this site closes access to content and information - visit our Russian site.
Sincerely, the RV3YF store team